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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So life is a little crazy

I would like to say 4 kids are as easy as pie but boy life is hectic. Not much time to blog but here are some updated photos. We have had many exciting things happening this year. Lots of family time, Tim turned one and the rest of the kids are growing so fast.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
From the Smith Family
Carey, Kelly, Austin(10yrs), Lauren(8yrs),
Ethan (2yrs), and Timothy (10mos).

This year has been full of many crazy and exciting things for the Smith family. Since our year has been so full we were behind on getting our Christmas cards out so we thought we would email out our cards this year.
Carey is still working for Aramark. He is learning many new things at work. He is very involved with the men’s group at our church and keeping up with our 4 kids. We were blessed this year as many of you know. Carey survived an accident that should have been fatal. Clearly, God wasn’t done with Carey yet. In May, Carey was involved in a 5 car collision and rolled his jeep several times. He broke his neck, 3 ribs and his shoulder. Those on the scene can’t believe he is alive. Praise be to God that He spared Carey’s life and Carey didn’t have any permanent damage. He has full range of motion in every part of his body.

Kelly delivered our fourth child in February. She is very excited that God answered her prayers to be a stay at home mom this year and after Timothy was born she didn’t return to work. She is now a full time stay at home mom. She loves being with the kids and they sure love having her home. Kelly continues to remain involved in the women’s ministry at our church. Although the year has been full with many surprises, God had a final surprise for the family this year. Baby number 5 will be born into the Smith family sometime in June.

Austin is now in the 5th grade. He is very involved in church and is an active volunteer in the drama group. He has been a recruit, a customer, and finishing out the year as a shepherd. He finds so much joy sharing God’s word through drama.

Lauren is in the 3rd grade. We can’t believe how fast time flies. She is my “princess tom-boy.” She loves to be a princess but give her a pair of sneakers so she can be competitive with the boys. She is also very involved in our church. She has been singing in the band as well as she will finish out the year as an “angel in training” for our Christmas Eve service. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and spends lots of time praying for her family and friends.

Ethan is already 2 and full of himself. He thinks life is a party. God help us when he gets older. He is full of energy, a climber and ALL boy. He can climb any rock wall, ride a two wheel scooter and climb any dresser that comes his way. He has quite an active imagination. He talks about his day at school but the funny thing is…he doesn’t go to school. The boy has some funny stories. What other two year old do you know offers you a hundred bucks for a dinner roll and says to everyone “I am hilarious.” Only our two year old.

Tim is already 10 mos old. Tim had a rocky start this year in the NICU for fluid on his lungs but recovered quickly and came home to join his family. He is such a strong kid now. He just started walking. We know, too early. We tried to put bricks on his knees but that didn’t slow him down. He is our happy go lucky kid. Very inquisitive. He loves to interact with people and he is an overall joy to have as a part of this family. A perfect fit.

God has blessed our family in so many ways this year. We see Him at work in all areas of our lives. From ourselves, to our kids, to our church and at work. We are thankful that God gives us a front row seat. Our prayer for the year 2010 is that you can see God working in all of your lives as well. May God bless your families this year and into the next.

With Love,
The Smith’s

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some pictures from the summer

Wow...I can't believe how summer has ended so quickly. I remember almost crying at the beginning of the summer wondering how in the world I would be able to take care of all four kids. Well, God gave me just enough strength, energy and help to make it through. We made it through so well that on the first day of school I cried when I dropped off Austin and Lauren because I didn't want them to go back to school. We had so much fun. They are such great help and the house is lonely while they are gone during the day. After a week of them being back at school we are finally getting into the groove. I have enjoyed having some time with just the littles. Ethan is learning so much so quick and Tim has started crawling. The slow days of summer are now over. We are looking foward to what's to come but celebrating what is and what has been. We have been so blessed with beautiful, smart and loving children.

The kids had just thrown the leaves in the air. Too bad I missed them in the picture.

It is always so hard to get everyone looking at the camera and when you add an action shot you can forget it.

Hey look....Almost everyone is smiling. When I see all four of them in one picture it is overwhelming how many kids we have. It is amazing how different they all are and how much love we have for all four of them.

The big boys. Austin just loves to spend time with Ethan. He is such a good brother.

Look I can sit and almost smile at the camera. I am getting so big.

Austin and Lauren love playing together. Somehow Lauren always makes it to the top first. Austin is a little more reserved than Lauren. We have a picture just like this from a few years ago at the park near the beach.

Ethan is on the move. He has so much fun. Can hardly get him to stop and take pictures.

Lauren celebrated her 8th birthday with her favorite friends. She went shopping and swimming. They had so much fun.

Faith and Jasmine are her best friends. Faith and Lauren have been friends since they were babies in the nursery and Jasmine is our next door neighbor.

This was a better stab at cupcakes. Much better than Elmo for Ethan. I guess the more I practice the more creative I will learn to be.

The shopping Diva. She had fun shopping for her birthday. Hope the cuteness stays and the attitude leaves soon.

Road trip. We got to take a road trip to Arizona to help Larry and Neita move. It was super hot but the kids did great on the 6 hour trip.

Hooray I am crawling. I am just as crazy as my brother.

Oh my beautiful boy. He is also sitting up on his own. Enough so that his mom can get a quick picture of him sitting and smiling.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

This and That around the house

We have so much fun around the house. Here are just a few pictures of our daily lives. Lauren the drama queen. Pretending to be hurt. Feeling left out since her dad and brother both broke their arm this year. Ethan and his blue lollipop. Tim and his smiley self. Austin is usually out playing out side so it is hard to pin him down for a picture. I hope it is not a trend as he hits preteen years.

Happy Birthday Austin

Austin had a great 10th birthday. It is so hard to believe he is 10 already. He enjoyed a pool party with family and some good friends.

Our Four Kids

We all made it to the beach for the Fourth of July. We had so much fun. Ethan got to see a train for the first time. Tim made it to the beach for the first time. Austin and Lauren enjoyed boogie-boarding in the water. Carey and I were excited to spend the day out. The weather was nice. We were a little bummed though because in order to preserve the coast line they poured rocks all over the beach. Austin and Lauren's feet hurt, it made it hard for Carey and I to set up in the sand but Ethan......he loves rocks and he thought it was sooooo cool.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boy Time goes fast.

Austin and Lauren
My Ethan boy.

Smiley Tim.

Wow. Time goes so fast. Austin and Lauren finished another year of school. We now have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader. Ethan is already two and boy does it feel like he is two. So much fun but crazy too. Tim is already 5 months old and getting ready to start real food. Didn't I just come home from the hospital having Austin - Wow that was ten years ago. Time sure flies.

Me and my little one. He is so much fun. Sure love hanging out with Ethan.

Welcome Home Carey.

So glad Carey is home and doing well. God is so good to our family. We are blown away by his blessings.